First Photoshop


I purchased Photoshop Elements years ago, installed it on my computer and never really used it. I attempted several times and added words here or there, but my creativity never amounted to much. I decided with the winter season approaching and the garden time reduced, I will learn more about using this fun software.

The background is a shot I took from my front porch,  added the characters and balloons from the program. Realized there is much to learn!!! The challenge I am looking for!


If you really look …

I set out this morning to take a photo for my blog.  I have decided to post several during the week as I work through my photography lessons. As I glanced around the yard, I really didn’t notice anything that stood out and screamed … “Take me … I’m the perfect picture!”

So I got “up and close” to the blooming Hosta, which I normally ignore and realized they really are quite beautiful.


As I was clicking away, I felt like someone was watching me and sure enough …


Then another surprise as I was heading in ….


If you really look there are all kinds of wonderful surprises waiting for you and your camera!!