A lifelong love of gardening has led me down the road of planting, growing and saving seeds like there’s no tomorrow.  I enjoy eating the healthy harvest that results and share plenty with family and friends.  This past year we found ourselves bringing more and more to the local food pantry and the decision to expand our efforts bringing more to those who are in need has set off a spark.

I love to garden, I have land (and seeds) So …. let’s do this!!  We can grow food and help those in need.  A lot of folks don’t realize how easy gardening can be, so maybe my photos and comments will encourage some … and if they grow too much … sharing with the local food pantry is the perfect solution.

I also love to take pictures – showing off my pride and joy in the garden and all the remarkable little things in nature we overlook most times (bugs, birds and those amazing sunsets).  Since I recently enrolled in a photography course, I hope to share some photo taking tips.

Growing and Learning ….. my favorite things to do!!  Join me and please share your comments and questions.  Thank you for stopping by!

Believe in God!!  Enjoy Life!